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We work with Colorado State University in various capacities and hire CSU alumni whenever possible. Founder Stuart Shoemaker is a 2012 graduate with studies in Horticulture and Anthropology. CSU is our local land grant institution and has its roots in agriculture. 

Blue Spruce is an active member of the Associated

Landscape Contractors of Colorado. We regularly

attend events and participate in trainings hosted

by ALCC. Their mission is to promote professionalism

in the landscape industry and to cultivate strong


ALCC members adhere to the following codes of conduct:

  • Maintain the highest standard of personal and professional conduct in all aspects of their business.

  • Actively promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within their business and the landscape industry.

  • Recognize their responsibility to uphold all laws and regulations relating to businesses and professionals in the landscape industry.

  • Strive for excellence in all aspects of their business.

  • Cooperate in every reasonable and proper way with other members and industry professionals, and work with them to advance the business, professional and fellowship interests of the landscape industry in Colorado.

  • Use every opportunity to improve the public understanding of professionalism in the landscape industry.

  • Use all resources wisely and improve their company's understanding of environmental stewardship.

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Sustainable Landscape Management 

SLM Certified landscape professionals are committed to apply practices which strive to preserve limited and valuable natural resources such as water and promote longevity and natural maturity of plant materials.  Other goals of SLM are to reduce waste generation and efficiently use chemicals, equipment, and crew time.  The overall goal of Sustainable Landscape Management is to apply the right maintenance practices at the right time.  Landscape professionals who subscribe to sustainable practices will promote landscapes which thrive in our environment and display their best attributes through their flowers, shapes, textures and be able to complement each other in attractive compositions without shearing and shaping plants into geometric or structured shapes.

In addition to addressing planting and pruning methods, SLM makes recommendations for a more proactive or preventive approach to landscape maintenance which involves recognizing and testing for various soil conditions, recognition and prevention of insect damage, proper care and maintenance of turf, irrigation system management, repairs, and updates.  Other areas target correcting erosion, water run-off, and pesticide and herbicide applications.  The combination of a good sustainable landscape design with proper landscape and water management can create more aesthetic pleasing surroundings and higher quality communities.

Front Range has been educating and contributing to the horticulture industry for over 50 years. The horticulture program at Front Range has produced some bright minds and big names in the landscaping industry in Colorado. Here is a great article highlighting a few of them. We currently have staff studying in the landscape design and horticulture programs.

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Growing Plants. Growing People.

The Colorado Master Gardener program is a unique intersection between University Horticulture expertise and community volunteers interested in educating locally.

Who are Colorado Master Gardeners (CMGs)?

We’re hands-on in educational school gardens, we’re helping grow food for local communities, and we’re passionate about pollinators. Some of us are tree-huggers, most of us are plant (and insect) lovers.

We all get that gardening here takes grit. Which is why we’re providing local expertise for Colorado’s diverse plants and people. We are Colorado Master Gardeners. Powered by Colorado State University.

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