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Native Gardens


Many home owners today are turning to native plants in hopes that their backyards can become areas of refuge for birds, bees, insects, and other wildlife. 

             Native plants are those that are regionally adapted to our local ecosystem and that have evolved alongside other flora and fauna over very long periods of time. Some of the benefits of planting native species in your garden include:

  • Low water usage

  • Hardiness 

  • Low maintenance and low input 

  • Attract and support native pollinators

  • Tolerance of our clay soils

  • Attract and support birds

  • Resistance to disease

  • Not invasive

            We offer design services that can be custom tailored to include a large number of native species for your garden. If you have a new home or are looking to have a new landscape installation put in we would love to provide you with a stunning native garden design/build.

              Maybe you aren't looking to redo your entire yard but would like to have more native plants in your landscape and attract some pollinators. One service that we love to offer is our "Native Plant Replacement" Program.


               Many residential landscapes installed over the last 50 years don't contain much diversity and rarely have plants native to our ecosystem. These landscapes are often thrown together as an afterthought to the homebuilding process and are designed by commercial architects who use cookie cutter plant selection designed around a very small list of plants that tends to change over time. Think big ugly junipers and houses built in the 80's.


               In our "Native Plant Replacement" Program we take small areas of your landscape, remove generic exotic species and replace them with unique, functional, native species that are much better adapted to our environment and contribute to the local food web and ecosystems. This program has been very popular as it's a cost effective way to redo your landscape over time while adding in a component of functionality to your garden. We come up with plant recommendations and you get to choose which species you like best. We then install the plants and can even help you take care of them with one of our garden maintenance packages. Send us an email today to inquire about native gardens.

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