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Landscape Design


           As we are horticulturists at heart, our designs focus heavily on  living elements. We craft a custom palate of plants for each project based on a general theme. From there we draft a professional design to be reviewed and make any desired alterations. Once the design is approved we can move in to the garden planting.


         Our gardens are designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing native species and water-wise selections. Building gardens that are low maintenance and that provide function for humans, insects, and animals. We build landscapes that last, bringing our horticultural expertise to the forefront and your ideas to life

We admire and draw inspiration from the likes of

Rick Darke, Lauren Springer-Ogden, Piet Oudolf, Roy Diblik, and Thomas Rainer. 



Blue Spruce Horticulture


We are open to exploring any and all projects relating to horticulture however we reserve the right to select projects appropriate for our business. Please read over the full services page for detailed info on all of the different services that we offer. For any inquiries, questions or comments, please send an email to

Blue Spruce Horticulture offers flexible, paid internship opportunities as well as seasonal part-time and full-time positions. Please send an email including your resume and a paragraph describing yourself and your interests to

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