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Our Process


To kick off our landscape design process, we'll schedule an initial client meeting where we can tour the space together, delve into your preferences and goals, and establish a rapport. Our main objective during this meeting is to determine if we're a good match and if our visions align. If we're both excited about moving forward, we'll send a follow-up email outlining the objectives we've identified and begin discussing the details of the project. 

After a basic understanding of the project scope has been outlined and agreed upon an estimate will be provided. Adjustments and alterations can be made to accommodate budgets. If the estimated price range works for both parties we will move forward with the design process. Depending on the nature of the project, sometimes a full scale landscape design is appropriate, other times a simple plant list with photos and and rough concept will be enough. We will then get together either virtually or in person to discuss the design and if desired, make any changes before finalizing. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 6.10.47 PM.png

Before the start date for the project arrives we will have an on-site meeting with the clients and project managers to discuss details of the installation process. Then we get to the fun part. Throughout the install and conversion process we maintain constant communication on all ends to make sure everything goes smooth and that details are tended to. Once the project is complete we will do a walk through with the client to make sure that everything is up to satisfaction.

After the installation is complete you get to watch the garden grow and take shape! We recommend to our clients some level of professional maintenance, at least for the first season, to make sure that the plants establish well, that any irrigation is functioning properly, and that the weeds don't take over. Our gardens and landscapes are generally all low-maintenance and low-water. however, they still require general upkeep and care. 

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